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Free shipping with a purchases above €100,00 in The Netherlands.

Become a Tour de Tietema de Tietema Cyclying Team Meesterknecht

You’re going to be our new Meesterknecht. Meesterknecht? What’s that? A super domestique in the Netherlands is called a Meesterknecht. And a real cycling team would be nowhere if they didn’t have super domestiques. Support our team and you can help us (we’ll try…) win our very first cycling race.

Tour de Tietema Gele Partical
Tour de Tietema Gekleurde Partical


On the couch

So we’re sweating like pigs, while your candy ass is sitting on the couch? No problem, we’re also there for you!


on the bike

Because you’re even more sweaty than we usually are. From now on, let’s get sweaty together... Here we go!

Tour de Tietema Cycling Team?

After challenges at the Tour de France, our Road to the Tour of Flanders and the Giro di Tietema, we’re ready for a brand new challenge: winning a real cycling race. This is Tour de Tietema Cycling Team!

Our team continues to grow

Where would a team be without it’s fan base? Or Meesterknechten, like we prefer to call them. Cause let’s be honest: you can’t win the Tour just by yourself (right, Pogacar?)… With the amount of Meesterknechten we’ve already got the pressure on you must be getting very high, but more importantly: are you one already?

Tour de Tietema Gekleurde Partical

How do I become a Meesterknecht?

Are you ready to become a Meesterknecht, but do you still have some questions for our leaders? We’ve summed up our most frequently asked questions. Looking for our webshop? Waste no time, it’s right here!

How do I become a Meesterknecht?

Plain and simple: choose the package that suits you best, it’s right on the top of this page.

Meesterknecht packages: what’s in there for me?

On this Meesterknecht page we’ve listed all the advantages of both packages, so either jump on your couch or jump your bike and support us!

Can I cancel my Meesterknecht subscription?

The Meesterknecht subscription is an annual subscription. At the end of each year, you can choose to either subscribe or unsubscribe for the next year. (So there’s no need for panic!)

Can I pause the Meesterknecht subscription?

Pausing the subscription isn’t possible either. We’re ready to return every year. At least if that’s what you want us to do… Do you wish to not receive any more e-mails? You can always unsubscribe our newsletter.

I don’t ride a bike, can I still become a Meesterknecht?

Oh, hell yeah! The Meesterknecht on the Couch package is made for you.

What are the costs of a Meesterknecht package?

It takes you either €35,- or €75,- to support us. And we’ll provide you loads of content and fun in return!

What do you do with my money?

Your support helps us grow as a team and as a brand. We can continue to make beautiful video’s and create nice content that helps you, while you’re on and off your bike. So by supporting us, you’re supporting yourself as well!

Do you automatically renew my Meesterknecht subscription?

Each year we’ll kindly ask you to renew for a year. We won’t renew your subscription automatically.

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